The Internet of Things (IoT) has led to the fact that not only modern and new production plants are integrated in networks, but also old devices and machines with IP addresses can be reached in networks and exchange data. During implementation, the focus is on the added value of the connection and only rarely in a holistic consideration of the risks. With the increased threats and attacks, the heterogeneous OT (Operational Technology) environments represent a dangerous risk, which not infrequently leads to immediate production downtime in the event of system failures.

Your benefit

OT-Security covers the holistic protection of all computer-based plant areas and thus ensures the ongoing operation of your plant. In the event of technical malfunctions, attacks or the appearance of malware, it is possible to react quickly and keep production downtime to a minimum or avoid it altogether.

Analysis & Consulting

We analyze your OT environment using complete screenings, questionnaires, system-based analyses and manual surveys to record your individual initial situation. After the inventory, we show them the gaps compared to a necessary security for their production. For all gaps, we show them the concepts and processes that should take place to achieve an appropriate level of safety. The target picture is based on the potential impact and the business risk in case of an attack or a failure.


OT security covers the protection of all computer-based machines, systems and devices that occur in a production environment (plant). Operational technology (OT) differs from IT security in that it is less at risk from user-caused errors (including the import of malware), but also has a higher risk potential due to a high number of services, integrations and automatic data traffic. Availability in particular is one of the elementary requirements in OT.


IT security covers with information technology all user-controlled systems that are available for display, control and monitoring by people (users). IT focuses on the interaction between humans and computers.

Cyber Security Insurances

If they want to insure themselves against attacks and resulting failures, their company is assessed and classified through a risk analysis. The insurance conditions are directly dependent on the maturity level and the individual risk assessment. The IT security is often on a current level - the OT security is usually assured with an identical maturity level. However, due to the heterogeneous landscape and grown structure, complete transparency, or even security, is rarely given. This leads to high insurance conditions or to (unintentional) false assurances to the insurer and thus to the endangerment of the entire insurance coverage. We provide you with an individual assessment of your OT-Security and thus enable better insurance conditions.

Health Check

The Health Check is an optimized and standardized review of your landscape based on all relevant dimensions (Identify, Protect, Detect, Response, Recovery) and their achievement. The result is an objective assessment of the OT security situation of your production. 


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We are trusted by companies such as: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Mercedes Benz Group, Bundeswehr, Daimler Truck AG, INEOS, EDEKA, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, and many more!

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Holistic approach

Shopfloor security provides the identification of the security relevant elements, the concept of the best possible security and the achievement of this maturity level. The operation maintains the security with all new influences and events. The ACADEMY enables you to carry out the Shopfloor-Security and the support or operation yourself, or to roll it out to other areas of the company. 

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