Your production environment is constantly changing: machines are added, replaced or connected to the network. New software optimizes and changes your processes and control. Computers become obsolete and show signs of failure, new versions add interfaces or services.  

All changes must be analyzed, evaluated, remedied or integrated - this is the only way to ensure constant OT security. After the optimization of a production environment, without OT support, the inevitable loss of cyber security occurs. 

Your benefit

OT support protects against OT failures, damage or attacks through immediate intervention during operation. The Security Operation Center (SOC) continuously monitors your systems and equipment. A failure leads to immediate action (repair, replacement) and thus ensures production capability. Continuous monitoring for new assets, new software and current patches from the manufacturers leads to a high level of security. 

Analysis & Consulting

We check your processes and concepts in operation. From software, hardware, processes to the roles and knowledge level of the employees are all components of the coverage. They lead to a directly implementable guideline for improving the security level. We consider the effort of the change as well as the benefit of the improved operation. 


We provide you with an experienced team at your production facility as an on-site Security Operations Center (SOC). A permanent team is on-site at your production facility up to 24 hours/7 days a week. The OT operation is thus responsibly ensured by our teams and covers all relevant monitoring and system processes up to the ad hoc replacement of hardware. 


Benefit from the centralized, 24/7 available, multilingual teams of our central Security Operations Center (SOC) to support your OT security. Our staff sits on our premises and accesses their systems remotely to ensure operations are running alongside production.

We provide the OT support they and their production facility need 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 


We are trusted by a large number of medium-sized and large companies. We work with all our customers on a very cooperative basis - On both sides a long-term cooperation at eye level!

We are trusted by companies such as: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Mercedes Benz Group, Bundeswehr, Daimler Truck AG, INEOS, EDEKA, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, and many more!

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a suitable reference!

Holistic approach

Shopfloor security provides the identification of the security relevant elements, the concept of the best possible security and the achievement of this maturity level. The operation maintains the security with all new influences and events. The ACADEMY enables you to carry out the Shopfloor-Security and the support or operation yourself, or to roll it out to other areas of the company. 

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